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portraitimage no LUThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) - popularly known as "Obamacare" - is designed to make health care affordable through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Benefits include free preventative care, access to tax credits to help pay for monthly payments, and possible help paying for co-pays and prescriptions. 

Health insurance is also now the law. Almost everyone will be required to have coverage or pay a penalty- including children. Even if you don't think you qualify, you should learn about applying for an exemption. 


Open Enrollment is now closed. To find out if you are eligible to sign up through a special enrollment period, please visit this page: Enrollment

Need help or have questions about enrollment?

Contact the Enroll Virginia Navigators at 434-220-1496 to schedule your appointment or have your questions answered over the phone. 

Need more information about health insurance and the marketplace?

Start by visiting our FAQ Page


Need help in Spanish? Visit: Cuidado de Salud

Additional Spanish resources, including the online calculator: Recursos para los Consumidores